About us

Who Are We?

We are the wave of energy you need to conquer the toughest workouts. The focus your mind relies on to endure punishing physical stress. The push behind that one, last rep, when your tank is at empty. We are War-Supps™.

Our mission is simple: To provide you with unbridled power and potential through an unparalleled pre-workout supplement.

You wouldn’t cheat yourself in the gym, and that is why we refuse to encourage anything less than your best. Unlike our competitors, War-Supps™ blends 12 of the most popular and effective ingredients used in exercise supplements into one unbeatable power cocktail. Each ingredient shines at its recommended effective dosage levels, meaning you’re getting the fuel you need, in the exact amounts you need it.

Our vision is as blunt as we are: To overtake the competition and become the exercise science industry’s go-to pre-workout supplement.

And we’ll get there, too. People are already raving about their experience with War-Supps™. Why? Because what we provide is no BS. Our formula is guaranteed to give you a strength, cardio, or endurance workout unlike any you’ve had before. Our brand is our promise to you – one serving, and you’ll be ready for war.

And that promise is reinforced by our values. Like every legendary brand, we hold ourselves and our products against three, core pillars:

  • Quality – a supplement that doesn’t cut corners, made by a team that knows what it takes to be the best.
  • Performance – a workout experience fit for a Spartan, formulated by an army of passionate industry experts.
  • Fearlessness – a commitment to an innovative and success-driven mentality, never held back by the fear of failure.

At War-Supps™, we aren’t here to make a product. We aren’t even here to make a profit. We’re here for one reason, and one reason only…

…To make a warrior out of you.